a 90 minutes staged lecture with elements of dance-theater in german and russian.

Collaboration between the Goethe institute Kasachstan, the german theater Almaty and Florian Bilbao

This classical text from M. Auesow inspired by Romeo & julia from Shaskespeare is now part of the golden Fond of world culture. This contemporary version in german and russian keeps the depth of the original text but brings a completly new aesthetic thanks to modern dance and contemporary theater elements.

Author: Muchtar Auesow

Direction: Natasha Dubs & Florian Bilbao

Choreography: Florian Bilbao

Composition: Jayrope

Costumes and stage design: Etage group and ASSEL

Text adaptation: Boris von Poser

Performers: Assel Abakajewa, Irka Abdulmanowa, Kulbanu Ashimowa, Daniya Absaljamowa, Akylchan Almassow, Bekarys Boranbajew, Alibek Omirbekuly, Swetlana Skobina, Tolganay Talgat, Ulija Tejfel, Dmitrij Cholzmann



  • July 2017: Premiere in Almaty and Astana (Expo 2017)
  • December 2017: Tour in Europe (Berlin, Paris, Bruxelles and Wien) and Moscow