Intensive Motion Workshop #5


For everybody with any kind of body technic who wants to discover the intensive motion technic.

It’s based on improvisation and body awareness, so come and enjoy with us!!!


fifth edition:

Saturday 14th and sunday 15th of december in Dock 11, Berlin

from 10 am til 5pm


According to the third law of Newton, each action gets a reaction from exactly the same energy but in the opposite direction. This physical statement finds an echo in my somatic research and helps us to find more volume, more density, more intensity in the motion. Intensity as involvement and high awareness in the movement and not as muscular strength.
No hierarchy in the body, each body part is always involved as impulse or as a reaction of this impulse. Playing with the physical energy of falling allows us to discover new ways of getting energy and flow in the movement. This constant switch between letting the weight go and using the momentum of the falling as an incredible impulse for the movement increases our sensitivity and our level of consciousness in dance.
The workshop will begin with a somatic warm up on the floor using anatomical images and will grow into a movement research based on the energy of the fall in the release technic. And the afternoon will focus on partnering and improvisation in order to search the echos of this physical statement with the others.

Price: 120 €
early birds (booking before the 25th of november): 90€

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