Intensive Motion Workshop #5


For everybody with any kind of body technic who wants to discover the Intensive Motion

It’s based on improvisation and body awareness, so come and enjoy with us!!!


fifth edition:

Saturday 14th and sunday 15th of december in Dock 11, Berlin

from 10 am til 5pm


Dance as an active meditation. Being fully engaged in the moment with body and mind. No hierarchy! Each bodypart, each muscle and each thought is responsible for the intensity of the movement. Intensity as involvement and high awareness and not as muscular strength.

Accepting the risk of the fall allows us to discover new ways of getting energy and flow in the movement. Pleasure of unstaibility, strenght of falling. This constant switch between letting the weight go and using the momentum of the falling is an incredible impulse for the movement and increases our sensitivity and our level of consciousness in dance.

Intensive Motion has been developped by Florian Bilbao through 20 years of teaching with many different persons. It is a personal mix of release technic, floorwork, contact improvisation and Aikido.

The workshop is a balance between exploring your inner body with a somatic warm up on the floor using anatomical images, playing with space and partner with a movement research based on the energy of the fall as well as framed improvisations, and reflecting upon the experiences for yourself with some time to write down what you need.


Price: 120 €
early birds (booking before the 1st of december): 90€

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