Mir geht’s gut. Alles gut.



Dance-Theater piece in German with 9 young dancers from the youth company TanzZeit (www.tanzzeit-berlin.de) for everybody from 12 years old.

In an experimental frame between rock concert, dance show and performance, the 9 young adults are trying to find their place in this chaotic world. One thing is sure: the crisis we are living here and now is frightening – but hope dies at last…

Concept, direction, choreography: Florian Bilbao
Costumes: Sebastian Ellrich
Music: The Beatles, The Police, The Clash, Die Ärzte, Jack Johnson, Sum 41, Keane, Nneka, Paolo Nuttini and Morrissey

Performers: Nina Baake, Luisa Mechsner, Angelique Kampe, Tsun Yin Wong, Sophie Stammler, Paula Wohlgemuth, Chiara Keyßelt, Sandra Hans


and now in full length


  • may 2017: Premiere in Grips Theater

Show in Tanzstudio Podewil