55 shades of gay


“55 shades of gay”is a project for everybody from 18 years old produced by Quendra Multimedia (Pristina, Kosovo) which brings the bases of a possible sexual revolution in the balkans. In Albanian with English subtitles.

Text: Jeton Neziraj

Direction: Blerta Neziraj

Stage Design and costumes: Sebastian Ellrich

Musical composition : Irena Popovic

Choreography: Florian Bilbao

Performers: Tristan Halilaj, Bujar Ahmeti, Shengyl Ismaili, Semira Latifi, Alketa Sylaj et Luan Durmishi



  • September 2017: Premiere in the national theater of Kosovo
  • october 2017: Albanien
  • november 2017: Serbia (Subotica) and Ferizaj